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Caitlin Churchill
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Vince is committed to promoting ethical and honest behavior and ensuring that our co-workers, suppliers, vendors and partners are aware of this commitment. In support of this principle, Vince operates an anonymous hotline by InTouch to facilitate reporting by co-workers and others of potential unethical behavior and misconduct, including:

  • Corporate Fraud / Theft
  • Unethical / illegal behavior
  • Workplace Discrimination / Harassment
  • Dishonesty or Corporate Deceptiveness
  • Inaccurate / Inappropriate Financial Reporting

The Vince InTouch hotline ensures that, in line with regulatory requirements, co-workers can raise concerns regarding alleged inappropriate conduct in good faith. Each concern raised is properly investigated without the subject or reporting party being subject to harassment or discriminatory treatment.

Vince InTouch Hotline: 1-844-308-2531 or report online here.